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JTR Speed Trim 100

is intended for single-seater and two-seater motorized hang gliders. Limitation factors for Speed Trim100 application are trike weight (Maximum TakeOff Weight 450 kg) and wing keel tube diameter (max. diameter 60 mm).


One of the great advantages is that Speed Trim 100 was designed to be able to install, to almost all types of Trike Wings, without necessity of structure changes. Stroke of the Speed Trim 100 depending on the wing type is possible adjust with setting of the limit microswitches. This is the reason why isn´t problem use Speed Trim 100 on wings which are more sensitive to the longitudinal trim. Due to Speed Trim 100 is critical part and affects the airworhiness of the Hang Glider, must be installed under permit of the technical inspector.

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