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JTR Speed Trim 100

JTR Speed Trim 100 is mechanical device designed for single-seater and two-seater motorized hang gliders which make more enjoyable their control and 

improves flight characteristics. Speed Trim 100 allows change the position of the trike hinge during the flight thereby change longitudinal trim. Change of 

the longitudinal trim causes the change of forces on the control bar therefore is possible to reduce control forces in all flight phases across the speed range, that pilots appreciate during long flights. Using Speed Trim 100 make motorized hang gliders more ,,trimmable“ like aerodynamically controled 

airplanes.Speed Trim 100 has a simple, undemanding structure of aviation aluminium alloy AW2017 supplemented with parts made of stainless steel. Together with 8G and 10G fasteners is structure of the Speed Trim 100 sufficiently strong and durable unit.

Speed Trim 100 has been tested to over 1800kg and showed no signs of wear or fatigue. Drive of the Speed Trim 100 is provided by electrical linear actuator 1600N together with lever gear. One of the great advantages is that Speed Trim 100 was designed to be able to install, to almost all types of Trike Wings, without necessity of structure changes. Stroke of the Speed Trim 100 depending on the wing type is possible adjust with setting of the limit microswitches. This is the reason why isn´t problem use Speed Trim 100 on wings which are more sensitive to the longitudinal trim. Speed Trim 100 is necessary to supply by 12V DC. Speed Trim 100 can be supplied from the aircraft electrical network or by auxiliary battery. Speed Trim 100 control is usually provided by controller located on the hang glider control bar. This controller can be located anywhere according to customer request. Another option is a control panel located on dashboard of the motorized hang glider. This control panel can be equiped besides direct trim control by an automatic control mode. In this mode Speed Trim 100 after pilot´s action moves automatically to one of the two predefined positions. As a rule Take Off/Landing and Cruise. Speed Trim 100 can be equiped due to customer request with mechanical or electronic LED position indication. 

Electronic LED indicator is usually installed to the dashboard control panel but can be installed anywhere according to customer request. Speed Trim 100 control and position indication systems can be designed individually anytime according to customer needs.

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