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Speed Trim 100

Do you want to fly powered hang glider with greater comfort and fully use its performance? In this case take the Speed Trim 100. Speed Trim 100 is made from aluminium alloy, stainless steel and other materials. Manufacture is based on highest level which is commonplace in aviation.Speed ​​Trim 100 is manufactured by JTR Aircraft in the Czech Republic.

930 €

Control Panel

This is the optional control panel. Panel is equipped with manual and automatic control of the Speed ​​Trim 100. The great advantage of this optional control panel is LED electronic display unit which indicates Speed ​​Trim 100 position. The control Panel is prepared to install to your dashboard. Connecting to Your Speed ​​Trim 100 is very easy and is done using Super Seal connectors. This panel is intended for everyone who expects maximum from flying with the Speed ​​Trim 100. Price includes reconfiguration already purchased Speed ​​Trim 100.


260 €

Speed Trim 100 + Control Panel

Set contains 100 Speed ​​Trim and Control Panel and settings.

1.100 €

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